Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Howdy Sailor

Happy Veterans Day to all our brave and awesome American Veterans! And Happy Veterans day to our very own Sailor Navy Man, Jon!! aka Daddy!!

Since Jon’s Birthday is two days before Christmas when we were childless newlyweds (oh the things I would love to tell those two!) I used to make a big deal out of all the other little holidays associated with Jon to try and make up for the fact that he gets kinda glossed over on his birthday.

And since we have had children every holiday seems to get glossed over (or slimed on :). But not today! Today I dug deep and pulled out some residual newlywed spunk and we celebrated our Sailor Dad-io Right!


We took cupcakes to his office… dressed up like crazy patriots!


I promise the kids had fun despite this picture:1111091545

Jon came rushing out of his building when I called and told him someone had scratched his new car!! Only to be attacked by Knee High Uncle Sam Impersonators.1111091546

(disclaimer: I absolutely did not ask Russell to do that with his hat in every single picture) (but it is totally awesome.)

Oh, and this might be one of my favorite pictures of all time:1111091547b

Can’t top the wierdo, but here’s a little death by cuteness…1111091547d

And I even made him a dinner that had nothing to do with children or dieting (the things that seem to run our kitchen these days) BBQ Jalapeño Poppers (you know, stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon!) I am only showing you pictures of this because next time I get energy like this, both my children will be in college!


Happy Day, Everyone! I’m exhausted!


madre said...

wow, give that kid a tophat and he becomes fred astaire!! very cute photos and very nice event for you to do sis. Hapy veterans day jon, we are proud of you!!

Andrea said...

Happy Veteran's Day! Love the cupcakes and bacon wrapped unchickenish stuff. Russell is absolutly awesome with his hat!! How did you get Alice to leave her's on?

The Farrell Family said...

What fun! Great pics. Alice is the cutest thing!