Saturday, November 14, 2009





And that might have something to do with a bottle or (mmm hmm) chocolate covered pretzels… OR because of our ‘auntie’ Erin coming to play for FOUR WHOLE DAYS! Woo-hoo!! 1109091638 We were very brave and did one fun thing a day, then bummed out the rest of the time while eating junk food and talking BOYS. Or we would have if weren’t so busy talking about grown up stuff. Ok, we talked about boys. And watched reruns of So you Think You Can DANCE! Dance dance dance dance…..

We didn’t take pictures of Erin babysitting :D or of going to the Mall or the FAN-TAB-ULOUS Rose Bowl Flea Market, but we did get some pictures at the Mission San Juan Capistrano. 1109091624 Which is sort of like wandering around inside the most beautiful postcard you’ve ever seen. Or running…1109091634d1109091605 Why can’t I get a picture where they are both looking? Or at least one where he isn’t Picking His Nose?!!1109091606a And of course we LOVE the Koi Pond. Who needs Disneyland when you have fish that are big enough to eat your face? Russell has an awesome fear/fascination with these ‘monster fish’1109091612c Apparently Alice doesn’t realize there are monster fish nearby.1109091615 We would have stayed to protect her but IT WAS TIME!!! The real reason behind these last four glorious days finally arrived Monday night when we went to the So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour!!! We only have a couple dark (very excited) pictures

1109091930a 1109091931

but it. was. awesome. We have decided Hell or High-water or the Children won’t keep us away in the future. Hey, you, SYTYCD Season 20 Live Tour?! We’re on our way!

I wish Phillip could go every year. Sigh. :)


Stefanie said...

Looks like fun!

Andrea said...

It looks like everyone had so much fun! (I'm not green...I'm not green...)