Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Very In. I'm Vintage.

I've caught a bug. No, not swine flu, but a gluing, cutting, stitching, painting bug. And I had nothing in my house to scratch my itch! I mean sewing needles? I try not to keep anything sharper then a pencil eraser where Russell can get it, so after days of looking at fabric and old lace on the internet and doodling idea's on the back of ToDo lists, I suddenly got a jolt of inspiration that demanded my attention. I got out a pencil and paper and found myself drawing a simple line drawing of the old blue washing machine that is hanging in my house in a beautiful picture my dad took.

I thought that would get the bug out until morning, but it just made it worse! Suddenly I could see exactly how I wanted to stitch this, I could feel my fingers seeking the needle and thread. And I had NONE. 11:30pm. At home. In my jammies. I'm trying to weigh how bad this itch is against putting on real pants and venturing out to find a 24 hour Wal-mart.

Instead Jon and I head out to garage. I know, right? What a man! And I realize looking through some of the bolts of fabric I've been toting around for years that I actually have a lot more fabric treasure out here than I realized... but I still don't have a piece of plain linen that isn't packed somewhere impossible to find. That's when Jon points out the Fresh and Easy grocery bags I don't use anymore are made out of linen. Nice! Fabric solved. Now if I could just find my basket of thread and floss... unfortunately I'm pretty sure it's in a trailer in Fountain Green, Utah, as we speak. Oh, floss! I pine! (I really did)

Well, at least since we're already out here, Jon and I can pull out the ancient and HEAVY sewing machine table that he acquired for me at an estate sale years ago, and give it a once over to see if I can really, really?! really, make do with it until Jon see's if this bug is the real deal. Yes, we've been married that long. So far the only purpose the table has really served has been to annoy the crap out everyone involved when it comes time to move it again :) Sorry!

So we've sort of sequestered it away under a workbench on the far wall of the garage, so it's 11pm and we have to slide it out, scratching the wheels against the dry cement floor as dust and other scurrying things have to re-adjust to the back of the dark cubby hole until we finally have it out in all it's, well, Old-sewing-table-that-needs-a-new-coat-of-lacquer Glory. Now, I'm a sucker for simple pleasures, but it really does give me a thrill when you open the top panel of those old table sewing machines and this sleek black machine makes it's graceful appearance. At once this little dowdy table becomes something else entirely! I like it because it's pretty and intimidating all at the same time. On the front of this table are four little drawers. And they are locked. How could I not know this? Have I ever even looked inside them? Suddenly the only thing I need is to know what is in those little drawers that we have been moving from house to house, year after year! Right now!

Of course, Jon jimmied them open, and, oh my! Maybe it's the sentimental nature of creative juices, or the love feelings still flowing from my trip to Utah, and/or the general fragile nature of being a mom sometimes, but when I picked up the old metal scissors with the painted black handles, I suddenly realized I am the first person to touch these since the old lady passed away and her belongings scattered. The first to touch these scissors since they were tucked neatly away years ago in the narrow drawer among boxes of buttons, lace trim, bobbins of thread and a lone zipper.

Am I too wordy to get this across? Does this seem like 14 year old girl writing? Because I didn't feel young, I felt old. I feel like I am on the cusp of putting my fingers to use again, I want to start a quilt, embroider some pillows, celebrate new babies with some stitches on linen, but I've gotten a little lost lately and have been moved around a lot and I wonder if I can do it again, or if I'm any good at it anymore. I wonder if that's how these scissors feel? Or these spools of thread or lace edgings that never edged anything. We know we can do it, we just need a chance!

Well, it's nothing major, but I would like to present A Study On Fabric by a Vintage Woman (I was born in the 70’s, after all):

Antique Washer on Recycled Fabric Sewn with Truly Vintage Thread

We're back, baby! Now let’s go see if my children have spilled anything on it yet.


Erin said...

Love, love, LOVE it! What a great story; it's like all this has been patiently waiting for you all along! Even better is now I can feel a little hip instead of just kind of matronly because I like to sew too. Oh, and I can't wait for whatever it is you are going to make for me :) Did I mention that I LOVE it?

Carly said...

I LLLOOOOVVVEE it. make me something just as unique and AMAZING DARLING PERFECT FOR MY HOUSE.... I love your brain. We should have been twins. Did you get the tutorial on fabric flowers? They are such a cinch.
love you forever.

LorraineinSpain said...

sissa that's unbelievable! I can't believe you just made that up! you should sell it on etsy, or alternatively, save it and give it to me for free. GREAT IDEA.

Andrea said...

Awesome! You are so talented, and I love that you "unearthed" everything to make this because of an itch.

Aimee said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this!!! I want to be your first paying customer. You should keep this one for yourself as a tribute to your crafty resurrection, but I lay claim to the next appliance you put up for sale!