Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Easter Aiiimeeeeee

Because nothing is scarier than the way my family greets Aimee for Easter every year, and this post needs a scary title because:


Russell and I were driving home from yet another yard sale when I saw this old funky Mormon church in the middle of this old funky area of Orange County. And because you don’t see them on every block here like I’m used to I craned my head around to see it… and that’s how we discovered this bizarre gem! We had to execute quite the U-Turn to get back to the street the church was on, but it was so worth it.

(Even for Russell who wasn’t allowed to get out of the car…this is not something a 4 year old needs to get a real clear view of :)

(Oh, and he was a big fan of the “pumpkin butt” in case that wasn’t a given)

DSC03891 DSC03893 DSC03897DSC03892 DSC03895 DSC03898 DSC03900

The "End"

MwaHaHaHaHaaaaa…. Happy Halloween!!

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Andrea said...

I...LOVE...IT...SO...MUCH!!! Can you box it up and send it to me??? Please?!