Saturday, August 29, 2009

We Should Live Until We Die

I know that the temptation to not push play below will be strong, but if you can overcome your short internet attention span I promise it’s worth it.

Jon ‘gave’ me this song for the 10 year anniversary of our first kiss (which technically isn’t for another couple days, but the fact that he remembered at all is good enough for me :)

Oh, and the fact that anyone would think of little ol’ me when they hear this particular song totally rocks my world, and I guess maybe I will try and stick it out for another ten.


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Andrea said...

I like the song, and I LOVE the family photos, especially the ones that Russell hasn't sat still for.

Andrea said...

Oh yea, Congratulations on 10 years of making out with the same person!

Caroline Kingsley said...

What a fantastic song! I absolutely love it!! Good job, Jon.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I want you to follow up on this topic :D