Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scoovie Month

As in Scary Movie Month. Or October. Because I LOVE scary movies. Remember that thing where I said I hate roller coasters? Well, the balance comes because I love to be creeped and startled. And I like the thrill without anything actually happening to me (and when Jason kills the bimbos in the sleeping bags by banging them against the trees. I know, I have an illness.)

So imagine how UNHAPPY I was to find myself in one of the scariest movie moments ever. I’m talking about you, Hitchcock, you and your damn Birds. SO creeped out that after I took these pictures I climbed in my covers and told Russell “mommy’s not crying, I’m just cold!”

0716091939 0716091943

The pictures really don’t do it justice, there were at least a thousand crows, on the lawns, on the roof tops, on the cars and if you walk out the door they just sit there! Or every single one would fly up in the air at the same time (which was totally freaky) and then they would land again where they were.

And they look right at you! Black glassy clever eyes, and I’m sure they know what I had for lunch and my deepest darkest secret. Ugh! <shivers>


Scott and Stefie Shoell said...

Oh wow - that is creepy. Hitchcock really turned people off of birds with that film. That would be a time when a shot gun would come in handy. You could walk out on the lawn and fire it upwards to scare them...oh wait. Then they'd all fly around...nevermind.

Andrea said...

But why were they there?? We had HUGE crows in Alaska, and they would get into everyone's trash, but they never came and landed on the lawn in giant a murder (that is the term for a flock of crows, right?) Creepy!