Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And in this corner…

Russell got his bandage off tonight, and except for the OMG RINKING STINKING (what your feet would smell like if you wore your shoes with no socks for the entire tour de france and then DIED in them and had a burial at sea and when they sliced Jaws opened and pulled out a foot in a shoe and then took the shoe off and smelled the cheese between your toes) SMELL that was in his bandage, everything else was fine.

Really! It looks so much better than when I calmly escorted him to the the ER several days ago, so all your well wishing and harrowing stories of burns you or your children or your siblings survived really helped! Like group therepy :)

Which is kind of a shame because I was kinda hoping for another week of the bandage. I admit I felt a bit of relief dropping him off at school today knowing that if he hit anyone at least he was wearing a boxing glove. Probably wouldn’t even leave a mark.

Ok, I'm going to tell you three nice things first:

1. He can probably fix your computer for you if you need him to.

2. I know he’s a boy, but he is SO BEAUTIFUL! (Even when he makes The Face. You know, the one he wasn’t supposed to know he had until his age had ‘teen’ attached to it.)

3. He is a TOTAL romantic, he loves to kiss and hug and run across the room like we are standing in a field of daisies and fling himself into my arms when I get back from running to the store for milk.

One bad thing

1. Last week on his third day at school and his first ‘water day' he got mad and pushed another child under the water.

I don’t even know if I can POST this that is how crappy writing that makes me feel. But I know what this is. Not only have I seen it in his face when there is just no checkpoint between an emotion an impulse and the action, I have FELT it. I was a biter. And because I can never say it enough:

Mom! I am so SORRY! Did people ever look at you like ‘why don’t you teach your child not to bite?’ because if they did I am double dog sorry. <sigh>

Silver lining, his school is AMAZING, and his teachers and the owner are as devoted the the puzzle of my gargantuan golden goose as ever and I just can’t say enough nice things about them.

This stuff is even harder for me to talk about than my underwear! Oh, and boxing glove or not, Mrs. D said Russell was a champ at school today and had a pretty mellow day. But that would have been a lame post.

P.S. Alice is fine. Better than fine! She got to have lunch with mom and dad sans Russell for the first time yesterday, sit in a high chair for the first time and even enjoyed a little rice and beans. I almost ate HER for lunch she is so entirely delicious (…for now :)0803091248


Kateastrophe said...

Uh sorry about that story about my sister. I uh . . .yeah.

And sorry about the cheese smell.

Tara Boschetti said...

I feel your pain Liss...my little guy has those uncontrollable bouts of pure, violent rage as well. Others rarely get to witness the absolutely beautiful, caring, loving side of them which is why they just don't understand. The scariest part is worrying about how the world will treat them. Keep your head up. OUTRAGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL kiddos by the way!

Alissa Rae King said...

kate! I actually remembered that story about megan, i must have known it from before? I meant it though! thanks! sometimes things with your kids feel, hehe, Katastrophic when really it's just a part of growing up and I will be sure to pass on my grody stories to whoever will listen as well.

Tara, it's hard to write about some of Russell's struggles on what started as a bragging about my favorite children page :) but I know I am going to need to find other people to commiserate with and your post was just right. thanks :)

Andrea said...

Love the "Alice 'n' Chips" picture. I am glad that Russell's hand is doing better, and sorry he had a rotten day at school the other day. If it makes you feel any better, today alone, Hailey said she hated everyone and she hates Buddy and she stuffed half of the roll of tp in the toilet twice (luckily she didn't flush. Unluckily I had to hold big wet peed on globs of tp over the toilet while I flushed flushable wads down.) and she was pulling one of her friends hair. I hope that helps or at least makes you laugh.