Thursday, August 6, 2009

Halloween In August

Hey, I sent this email to Lorriane to entertain her while she is recovering from her horrific hand surgery (send your good thoughts towards DC people, care of Lois Opal), and I thought it might actually make a fun post since shopping for girl clothes is fun but shopping for baby halloween costumes is even funner. more fun. whatever.

this one is my front runner right now princess leia
but would I make russell darth vader or luke skywalker? wait, jon would have to be darth vader, and I would be queen amadala and we'd have the whole fam damily!

but i like these too:

because you can't be too scary for your first halloween!spider

because i'm so happy she IS a chic

i don't like this one, who would do this to their kid?
This kid is wearing grody socks. And what's scarier than vegetables? ask russell. nothingpea pod

because i can't help myself, though she would outshine the flowerflower

this one is just scary for all the wrong reasons, but I like the randomness. for your first halloween you were a lemur?! lemur

I shouldn't like this (since I'm obsessed with that CRAZY toddlers and tiaras show) but Alice would be a FABULOUS candy corn fairycandy corn

What were you/your kids for halloween? Russell was… hmph, brand new?! I might have missed his first year, but the next year he was a lion :)


Deanna said...

Donovan was a skeleton for his first - it was pretty simple, yet so adorable. Maybe I will post some pics up on Facebook of his Halloween shots.

Andrea said...

I vote vote for the lemur (Alice would be a cute one. What was wrong with that poor other kid?), they're pretty much my favorite animal. Olivia was Eyeore and Hailey was a pumpkin.

Scott and Stefie Shoell said...

I love the flower and the candy corn; but Princess Leia is my favorite :)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of saying, "I was a lemur my first halloween."
But I really love the whole family idea with princess Leah. Heck, ask Chloe and she has a princess picked out for each of us. Including Chas. (I just want him to be tinkerbell if he has to be a girl :P)
BTW, Chloe was a sweet pea. And Reese was Dumbo, which she promplty snuggled up in and fell asleep giving us 1 barely a picture. NICE!
BTW, it's Laura (had to do it no named because I'm too tired to figure this out)

LM said...

I have always had so much fun with Bri's costumes. She was a pumpkin for her 1st, which was pretty boring but I apparently wasn't feeling very creative that year. Here is my blog post last year with all of her cute pics...