Sunday, July 12, 2009

you will be wise

20090707-DSC_0210-171-2Sylvia Pearl on her Blessing Day, sigh, I worship that pearly skin and those pearly eyes!! 20090707-DSC_0113-84  20090707-DSC_0205-166   20090707-DSC_0119-89-220090707-DSC_0135-104  20090707-DSC_0104-77-2
hopefully the song played, but if you don’t hear any music then FYI it is My Eyes, by Travis. You can YouTube it if you want. It’s a weird video but the words are GREAT and we send them to Sylvie with all our hearts from our family to you!


Aimee said...

What a lucky niece little Sylvie is to have Aunt Sissa in her world--because of you she is sure to be wise (with just the perfect dash of wit to boot!). Thanks for the blessings and the love.

The Farrell Family said...

What a little beauty! She is just gorgeous!