Saturday, July 25, 2009

RIP Chewy Goodyear (the 1st)

Hey! This is gross, and he needs a name so Andrea doesn’t purposefully run over him with her car (you would need a fire hose to clean it up though) so let’s give him a NAME, come on people,        we can do this!P1030649 P1030655 NOTE if you read the comments you will discover that not only did we come up with the fabulous Chewy Goodyear moniker, but that Chewy Goodyear left us by means of BUG SPRAY later the same day of this post!! AGH! poor CG


LM said...

Ew... is that in your yard! Gross! How about Goodyear, he is about the size of a tire, or maybe she is a beautiful female gross bug and her name could be Magnolia.

Andrea said...

Sadly "Chewy" died tonight in an accident involving my husband and a bottle of bug killer stuff. We will always (be creeped out by you) remember you (when we step on somthing squishy) and cherish (the fact that you are dead) the two days you were a part of our life (but not the time that you ate 1/4 of my tomato plant and left all of your green/black poo pellets all over the rest of it). Bye bye Chewy, bye bye.
Please leave name suggestions for Chewy's siblings whom I am sure we will locate soon to notify them of his untimely death. Thank you all for your support.

Alissa Rae King said...

no way! and I was going to lobby for the name Goodyear (that was awesome Lona Mae) tell brian he's a Goodyear killer!

(i am actually totally sad about this!! wasn't there a faster way than bug spray?! poor Chewy Goodyear)