Thursday, June 18, 2009

So Wrong


It’s true, I actually feel guilty that I might be destroying the rest of Russell’s birthdays by raising the bar a little too high a little too soon. Next year we will take him to Chuckie Cheese half an hour before closing time on a Tuesday and get him grody carrot cake (I don’t care what you say, carrot cake is GRODY)

Don’t believe me? Well how about a life size Lightening McQueen and Mater wishing you a happy birthday at a parade you think they threw just for your birthday?


DSC03413 DSC03416

Not enough?


Well then, let’s just follow the signs to the Russell’s Raceway Birthday Party!


Russell’s Pit Stop Diner was open for business serving burgers and fries (of which we had about TWENTY left over. If i never see another burger again…)


Everyone got to color their own racing hat

DSC03424 DSC03437

We had ‘magic’ cake and ice cream, meaning they were filled with candy and toys :)


OH, and real cake too… cake CARS and TRUCKS!

DSC03475 DSC03474

But MOST IMPORTANT, we had lots of good company!!!


DSC03443 DSC03444

And what every good party needs after… a good mess! Job well done.DSC03462

Anyway, enjoy the pictures now, I may have to remove this post before Alice turns four. My party steam may not last that long and I don’t want her to feel bad when for her fourth birthday she gets a gift certificate to Target that says “go crazy! love mom and dad”


:) happy birthday bean, yur muther and faahther



Jared said...

you people are messed up. especially in your head shots as speed racers. but it looks like you throw a swell partee, i want one when i turn 54...

Jared said...

oops, this isn't from jared, sorry for maligning his good name. somehow his name is on my computer... Madre

Kinger said...

I am so excited that there may be another NASCAR fan in the family. I can't wait until I can take Russell to his first race! This is awesome news! Grandpa King

The Farrell Family said...

How fun! What a lucky boy! My kids will never be allowed to go to your kids parties. Way too much pressure. ;)

Scott and Stefie Shoell said...

Wow that's quite the party! What a lucky boy to have a mommy that can throw such rad parties! I'm glad the little man had a good birthday.

Andrea said...

Wow! You telling me about this on the phone did not do it justice!! How fun.