Thursday, June 25, 2009

She MADE this!

Today I got the MOST FAB hair accessory ( with roses and feathers and buttons that my friend Carly MADE and I wore it on a date and felt so stylish even though my hair was just in a boring pony tail. She also made these hats for the kiddo’s and Alice likes hers so much she wants Russell’s too!0518091832a 0518091831a So fun!

And speaking of Etsy, I put a $6 decal on Jon’s nerdy work laptop and now I think he’ll look tres chic at his upcoming Las Vegas convention where he’ll be giving a few presentations with his new “HD Ready” laptop design. 0615091749 Why does he deserve these nice things? Because look at the way he helped to solve the problem I have keeping Alice’s thumb out of her mouth while I feed her sweet potato’s0613090956   At least she looks a lot happier than my cats ever did wrapped in a towel.


Scott and Stefie Shoell said...

Ha ha! She doesn't look like she minds being wrapped up. Cute pic!

Carly said...

AHH!! I am sooo glad you like them... I am developing some new crochet stuff so I will send you some samples! Love you Lady!!

Jared said...

this is not from jared. help me computer people! this is from the grandma and alice IS a Sweet Potato! (thus the attraction to mr. potatohead) love from the beautiful children's proud grandma~