Tuesday, June 23, 2009

notreadynotreadyNOT READY

0616091240for these beautiful babies to be little PEOPLE holding hands and making their own cupcakes! 0616091158 0616091210 0616091204a 0616091210a0616091201 At least they still need us to guide them in their nutritional choices (obviously). And at least they had a good time! 0616091219b 0616091201a oh and THEY did, too --->0616091159a And if you’re not sure who ‘they’ are, that is Trey with Alice and Avi making cupcakes with Russell. They are of the Tuttle persuasion come down from Sacramento way to play with us. Their mom is Leah, and we’re pretty sure their dad is Bryan, whose okay… but have you seen Leah slender like a movie star? All I’m saying is he must have come with a dowry.


I even got to take the big kids on the Ferris Wheel. They were actually a total riot up there and were teasing the big dumb baby who was unhappy when we stopped at the top. That would be me. 0616091243 0616091243b0616091245a 0616091245 Look at that last picture. Doesn’t Russell look like he’s taking it himself? Don’t they both look so tall and strong and funny?! Don’t they look like this would be a great date in 12 years?!?! So, yeah, I am SO not ready.

Thanks for the fun visit guys! Love love love you!!


LorraineinSpain said...

I can't believe how big he is now. Even those snoopy pictures that weren't taken that long ago, look at what a bean pole he is now from then! Once a bean, now a bean pole! Holy smoke!

Send him to me??

Caroline Kingsley said...

So funny! It totally does look like he's taking that picture. Did you feel a little like a third wheel up there?

Andrea said...

Hi Aunt Lissa,
Did you mention to this "Avi" that Russell is spoken for??

Jon said...

Stand in line little ladies, Russell will start taking numbers in 12 years.

Alissa Rae King said...

Grandma Sylvia's email said

"Your babies are SO darling together. Am jealous of Russell holding hands ALREADY!! With a darling blonde, yet. Thanks for sharing those adorable babies photos. Mean so much to me. --I love you-- **Gram**"