Monday, June 22, 2009

For Aunt Jan

The photo’s I promised you FOREVER ago of Russell at camp Snoopy My Pilot0417091400 0417091730 My Woodstock

My HERO!0417091728

p.s. there will not be any fathers day pictures this year, even though Jon is the greatest dad ever holding the bowl for Russell to vomit in, I don’t think anyone wants to see pictures. And no, I know I take a lot of pictures but I didn’t actually take any of THAT. Trust me, the unflinching and often heroic way my man helps take care of my spewing, slobbering, stinking babies makes him a man to celebrate everyday and I really do try. When I’m not bossing him around or looking at him like he has two heads. I really do try :)

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Andrea said...

I am glad that he is feeling better now. I love his dancing with Snoopy.