Sunday, June 7, 2009

Employment Opportunities

I couldn't take it, not one more SECOND! And Jon couldn't take me not taking it anymore either, so Monday, May 26th, he bought me a ticket and three days later Alice and I were traipsing across the united states to get our respective grubby hands on our cousins in Baltimore!


The pictures I have are swell, some of my stories are even better, and I can tell you right now it was worth every second, every penny and missing a weekend with the boys (who were thankfully alive when I returned, though malnourished and a little stinky. it’s nice to know I’m needed) First I would like to do some introductions,

Alice, this is Sylvia Sylvia, this is Alice


And you are COUSINS! (and fat and adorable and fashionistas)20090530-DSC_0087-72 20090530-DSC_0063-54 20090530-DSC_0074-6320090530-DSC_0166-135

You would not believe how many pictures we have of all those folds and chins, but that is not actually the first time they met. They met the night before and had the most hysterical CONVERSATION. I don’t know what they thought they were looking at but they were both very loud at each other. Then later during yet another photo shoot Alice wiggled her way down to Slyvie’s feet where she was kind of getting kicked in the face. This didn’t bother Alice except she kept trying to get Sylvie's foot into her mouth and probably wished she would have held still for a second

The boys were SO excited to see Alice and after one particularly rough night we all ended up on the couch in our jammies eating cereal and I got all these shots.


Then after Leo gave Alice her bottle 0531091029 they actually sat and watched TV for about half an hour just snuggled up like a couple of sweethearts :)

0531091032 0531091054a Maybe he should have been.0531091055a

So, things did get a little crazy (man, I didn’t get a picture of the fire engine!) and I ended up manning the fort Saturday night. Zeke was having a hard time sleeping and eventually ended up getting in bed with me and Alice (in her rocker) and was shortly followed by Leo so that at one point I was staring at the clock that said 4:15am and all around me I could hear the heavenly sound of the sleeping breath of two little boys and the two little girls.

When Aimee and Jared were coming home I carried Zeke back to his bed where he asked me “Aunt Alissa?” and I said yes, it’s aunt Alissa and he said “I’m glad” and went back to sleep. When it was time to move Leo he was able to walk back himself but at the last minute he turned and looked at me with the sweetest eyes half open smile and said “I loooove you” and gave me a hug. Then he took a step towards his bed, turned around and said, “are you mommy or aunt alissa?” and I said “aunt alissa” he looked at me for a second and then “oh, ok” and got in his covers and was out.

Then Aimee told me the next day that when her back was turned as she was making the boys lunch, Zeke suddenly said “Who are you?” to which Aimee turned around and replied (I can totally hear this now) “Who do you think I am?” and he said “Oh, you’re mommy!” “No, I’m aunt Alissa” and he got really still, but luckily leo was there and he said, “no, you’re mommy” then, my favorite thing in the world, aimee asked him “how do you know I’m mom?” to which Leo said

“Because you’re wearing a different shirt”

Pretty clever and yet, pretty sad for us! Six short years of servitude and your son can tell you apart from your sister only because your wearing different shirts. Happy Birthday Grand Madre! I’m pretty sure girls will not be so easily fooled by “who are you?” 0531091216a Well, it was a great trip, and Alice was STELLAR. Not only did she travel like a champ but she slept full nights and adjusted to the new time almost instantly and when we left for Baltimore she was toothless, but when we arrived home she had two shiny new teeth to show the guys!

Our flight home had 6 babies! They all traveled great but at the end of our 6 hour flight the flight attendant came to us and said, “that one is my favorite, can I see her for a minute?” and proceeded to walk up and down the aisle with Alice asking people to fasten their seat belts and put their trays in the “upright and locked position” all the while holding funny fabulous Alice. I will never forget looking back along the length of the plane to see her back there smiling at everyone and no one at the same time, just an armful of cheer. I wonder if it made the other moms feel bad that my baby is so much prettier than theirs?

Thank you, Hickmans! Your new house is totally romantic and enchanting and so are all your faces. Next time I come I will bring Russell (get your helmets and knee pads now). LOVE YOU!!


The Farrell Family said...

You and Aimee do look so much alike and you both look like your mom in that picture! And oh my goodness those two little girls are to die for. Cute, cute, and cute!

Aimee said...

You are the best story teller--thank you for documenting my life on my behalf. The whole Hickman crew thanks you (especially Jared since he doesn't seem to remember whole chunks of it!)

Andrea said...

I am sure eveyone, including me, loved the cute stories and fantastic photos, but what we really want to know about is the fire truck!? What the heck happened? And you two do look so much alike.

Scott and Stefie Shoell said...

What a fun trip! Alice gets cuter and cuter everytime I see her!