Monday, June 29, 2009

comment awards

Welcome to the first annual award ceremony for best comments on Rae of Sunshine!! 


Since I get a shameless thrill when I see a comment has been made on a post, even before I read it, I thought I would take a minute to share with you just a few of the many comments that have lived up to that thrill. Remember friends, there are no bad comments, only bad friends that never leave any :)

how to type milk coming out of your nose goes to Lois Lane


Hailey wins points in the future mother-in-law category for

“Hi Aunt Lissa,
Did you mention to this "Avi" that Russell is spoken for??

Grandma Sharri wins the technical award for

“oops, this isn't from jared”

best food related comment goes to Aimee

“I am so happy to finally see Pasta Bowls getting the hate mail it deserves!”

best (or worst?) song goes to Andrea

“In the Navy, some more words I don't know, In the Navy, more words I don't know, In the Navy... on and on like that.”

best observation of my post baby body goes to Stefie

“You're the incredible shrinking woman!”

which goes well with the award for the comment you can leave every time, which goes to Erin for

“Love the bangs. Love the outfit. You look fabulous!”

best whiner goes to Jon

“I really like the picture where my head is chopped off.”

the tell me about it award goes to Stefie

“If I have a doll nightmare I'm totally blaming you!”

best disregard for (others) life and limb to Andrea for

“Did you photo shop Lorraine into the slasher picture?? Well, however she was offed, its a cool picture.”

the Kate award for just being Kate

“you're not at all alone and you're not at all lost” and for describing newborn Alice as “Little Alissa Lite.”

the why I married him award goes to HIM for this

“I need you a lot. What's for dinner? What TV shows are on tonight? When did Alice eat last?”

the what?! award goes to Andrea for this one (though I did have many to choose from)

“You have stinky breath, and end up with a tampon, or you need some candy and end up with a condom. Or you need a condom and end up with an unplanned pregnancy... oh wait, that's not so funny”

and Erin gets the end of pregnancy self esteem boosting award for

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, they've both already had their babies and are STILL bigger than you.”

Caroline get the fashion advice I wish I COULD take award

“Your little man looks like he belongs in that costume. Would it be weird if you dressed him like that every day?”

the I way I feel everyday award goes to Ashley

“I just want to squeeze those fabulous cheeks!”

and the reason why I blog award goes to Andrea

“I am glad you blogged about it rather than commit a homicide though.”

And for those of you who pretend to read my blog but really come for the pictures, to top off all this strangeness, I saw a monk looking at coffins at Costco yesterday and, well, that’s all. Here’s your picture. 0610092012

If you are reading this now and have a blog, go ahead and take the picture at the very top of this post for your own blog sidebar because, well, why not? I found it just for you :)


LorraineinSpain said...

Glad I made the list!

Also, you can buy coffins at Costco?? I can buy 40 pounds of rice, a digital camera, 5000 hot dogs, and a coffin, ALL IN ONE STOP! because convenience really would be my first concern.

Do you have to roll the coffin out on one of those carts? Do they deliver? Do they deliver in a costco truck? Maybe you bring the body to them? I'm so confused....

Jon said...

It is not a coffin or casket, it is a Cosket, and I believe you have to purchase a 2-Pack. So plan ahead.

Andrea said...

I think you need edit this post to include the "cosket", that was a pretty good comment. Thanks for finding me amusing so often.

LorraineinSpain said...

I think Jon said that JUST to make me feel lonely. I can't even find someone to DIE with, let alone LIVE with!

Just remember Jon, you don't have much time left to plan at all- SUCKA!

Kateastrophe said...

Is it sad that I don't remember leaving either comment?

The things I do when I'm high . . .